Don Steinmetz

Don Steinmetz



Don Steinmetz is a Phoenix area stand up comedian, comedy writer, screenwriter, public speaker and sometime actor. 

As a sexagenarian (he loves using that word) his stand up comedy encompasses all the life experiences you only can get by getting old. Growing up in the 60s and 70s in the Midwest he went out on his own at 18 and moved to Arizona. After a couple of marriages, a career and 4 kids spread through the 80’s to the 2000’s he decided that he wanted to tell jokes to strangers. He is a retired law enforcement officer with 35 years of service who went on to become a volunteer firefighter for 5 more years. 

These careers sharpened his skills of observation and help get to the root of the funny with the strange people we see and crazy world we live in. His unique comedy point of view is about life and all the twists, turns, successes and failures we all have as it relates to our childhood, dating, marriages, raising kids, aging, work, societal norms, getting arrested, etc.

Don has performed in many of the major clubs across the country while working with the many of the national headliners of today. He also has performed in a variety of venues including casinos and numerous corporate and charity events.