Eric Sobczak

Eric Sobczak



Eric Sobczak is a former daily drug user, but it's OK because it was only Ritalin and he was just a child. He's the type of guy who you can't quite put your finger on, but you trust him and you know you like him. Whether he's illustrating the absurdity in what we take for granted, or drawing parallels between inconsequential situations and serious matters, his lighthearted and endearing demeanor will have you saying, "how is this guy not famous yet?" That's what I would say, anyway, because it's me, Eric Sobczak! Come see a show and let's have a good time!



See Eric Sobczak at Stir Crazy Comedy Club on the following shows:


Funniest Person in the Universe - Semi Final 2 Dec 14 - Dec 14

Laurie Kilmartin Feb 16 - Feb 17