Greg Freiler

Greg Freiler



Greg was moved about the country frequently throughout his childhood by parents on the run from something. What? No one quite knows. Attending a different school year after year. Always the new kid, he learned early to use his sense of humor and joke-telling ability to make friends, ward off potential bullies and the inevitable beatings.

I spent fourteen years in education honing my comedic skills. Using humor to engage and entertain colleagues, students and occasionally putting a bully in their place. He draws comedy from a unique nomadic childhood, being the child of a stoic immigrant father, personal relationships and yes, even from his experiences as a teacher.

Since taking to the stand-up stage, Greg has performed across US in venues like Gotham, The Ice House, Tempe Improv, and Stand-Up Live. Working with comedians like Bob Marley, David Spade, Ritch Shydner, Louie Anderson, Tom Arnold, Paul Reiser, etc. In 2013, 2014 and again in 2016, he had the opportunity to perform for the military overseas. Greg continues to grow as a storyteller and a truly entertaining and engaging comedian.



See Greg Freiler at Stir Crazy Comedy Club on the following shows:


Josh Sneed March 15 - March 16

Graham Kay May 3 - May 4