Saskia Bee

Saskia Bee



Saskia Bee started doing stand-up at Birmingham's StarDome Comedy Club five years ago, and has been largely useless since discovering she could get paid to make people laugh.

Transplanted from the Deep South in 2018, Saskia is thriving as a desert weirdo, kicking up haboobs of mirth on every stage she hits across Phoenix. With an unused bachelor's in psychology and years of therapy under her belt, she's hailed as "remarkably well adjusted", and is what her brother–in-law calls "an a**hole, but a charming one".

Her comedy influences range from Gilda Radner to Maria Bamford to Tina Fey with a few token males thrown in for looks. When she's not on stage, you can find her at home with her hubby and their little blond dog, Izzy.



See Saskia Bee at Stir Crazy Comedy Club on the following shows:


Jay Reid Aug 2 - Aug 3