Eric Sparks

Eric Sparks



Eric Sparks is a comedian and writer who was raised on the south end of Whidbey Island, a large isle in the Puget Sound. He spent his youth there playing baseball and taking trips to Seattle with his friends. In college, Eric completed an honors program at Seattle University before taking time off to travel in Central and South America. Eric started standup comedy after a short drug addiction (11 months) and an even briefer shoplifting habit. He is open about his experiences from this time, but he gets adrenaline from the stage now. Eric talks about a wide variety of topics in his comedy, including his own meth use and eccentricities.

Eric started comedy in Eugene, Oregon while he was attending the University of Oregon. He has performed in clubs all over the west coast and regularly attends the Savage Henry Comedy Festival. He runs a blog and hosts a podcast about the experience of addicts in America, both entitled The Rules of Addiction. He also hosts a podcast called Comics Only, which features interviews with comedians of all skill levels.



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