Leigh Cummings

Leigh Cummings



Leigh Cummings has been delighting audiences with her high-energy stand-up comedy for years.

She was born and raised in Tucson, AZ, but now calls the bright lights of Phoenix home. 

She was a semi-finalist in Arizona's Funniest Comedian contest and enjoys performing for a variety of audiences. Her comedy is versatile, and includes clean comedy sets and performances for women's groups.

Leigh has a podcast called "Open to Share" where she interviews complete strangers and discusses their struggles, triumphs and life lessons. She wants to give a voice to all, because we all have a story to share! www.opentoshare.com

Leigh enjoys finding the humor in her life as a single woman and in the joys and pains of womanhood.  P.S. Leigh is pronounced "Lee".