Matt Markman

Matt Markman



Matt was born in northern California in 1975. Growing up he moved around a lot including living two years in Athens Greece. In his travels he visited several countries like Singapore, Italy, Turkey and France. His fathers job landed him in Las Vegas in 1992 where he now lives.

He has always had a fascination for comedy. In fifth grade Matt was required to write and deliver a speech, this would be his first time performing comedy. It was good, and funny enough to be the best in his class where he then took on the whole school. He failed to win however he was successful in filling the auditorium with laughter, he liked the feeling and from this point on comedy became a major part of his life. Sometimes he used to pay his neighbor (a friend who was 18) to buy the comedy albums he was to young to, then recessing to his room, listening to them quietly so his parents wouldn’t hear. Matt could always be found with some sort of a joke book in his pocket, ready to make laugh all that would listen.

Matt was always the type of person that would love to make people laugh, at work, at home, in relationships, so it was inevitable that he would one day take the stage again. In March of 2004 matt headed down to Boomers Humors open-mic comedy show with a three ring binder under his arm filled with jokes he’d been working months on. Matt took the stage that night and has been entertaining audiences ever since.

He has a unique self deprecating attitude and delivery which makes him a crowd favorite. Matt tackles a wide variety of subjects from failed relationships, his new marriage, his upbringing and the adult industry. He is a regular at several major casinos on the Las Vegas Strip making him a versatile and sharp witted addition to any show. Highlights in his career include working with George Wallace at the Flamingo Hilton, performing at The Icehouse in Pasadena which was later televised on "Man up, Stand up", co-booking and performing at the largely successful “Backyard Comedy Show” and placing 3rd in the World Series of Comedy. His TV credits include performing Live on the "FOX 5 Morning news" and "Man Up Stand Up" hosted by Adam Hunter. Matt was also a finalist in the World Series of Comedy 2010 and 05' and 06' Laughs at the Beach comedy contest as well as placing second in the FOX 5 comedy contest.