Stu Baker

Stu Baker



Stu Baker is a comic with a truly unique point of view. With the lifelong challenge of Muscular Dystrophy, his efforts to succeed in stand up directly parallel his desire to continue to simply stand up. Stand up is not just a passion for him, it’s a compelling metaphor. Maybe its the very reason he's making such an impact on the comedy scene today, because if challenge and adversity are fertile ground for the comic, then Baker has plenty enough fertilizer to be really funny.

By immediately setting each audience at ease with his own comfort level with his situation, he instantly connects with them by pointing out the universality of navigating through life with any challenge, let alone MD. With intelligent and focused energy on stage, Baker directs the audience to laugh at their own situations as they laugh at his.

He has been called a "smart comic" with strong, well-crafted material. His friendly, likable style plays well to all audiences -- he's as much at home and well-liked at a college as with a retirement home and everything in-between.

With years of previous entertainment experience in radio and in the music business, Baker applies this to his stand up career on stage and off. After one engagement with Stu Baker, you'll want him back.