Debi Gutierrez

Jan 18 - Jan 20

Debi Gutierrez



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For the past 20 years, Debi Gutierrez has had one foot on a red carpet and the other on a rug that she's trying to vacuum. She's a real-life wife, mom and friend that just happens to make a living on television. She baffles and bewilders her Hollywood star friends with amazing tales of home-schooling a teen, cleaning her own house, running daily errands and cooking her own meals – even to the frustration of her makeup artist who was trying to get her ready for the Emmys while she was whipping up her kid's favorite, mac and cheese!

Besides her many television appearances, Debi is best known for being an explosively funny comedian who takes her audiences on a high-energy, heart-warming roller coaster ride through the perils and delights of life, relationships and marriage. Peppered throughout her act are powerfully candid moments that seem to reach into the lives of everyone in the room – tugging at their heart strings, nearly bringing them to tears. Then, with a twist and a turn, back into the reality of neighbor/mother/marriage-hood, she steers them back into another side-splitting tale from her life. Brad Garrett, the beloved character Robert Barone from "Everybody Loves Raymond", often requests Debi to appear alongside him referring to her as one of the greats with a comedy that heals.

When Debi isn't hosting television or touring the country as a headlining comedian, motivational humorist or keynote speaker, she's busy living an action-packed life with her girlfriends, children, and former Marine husband who all provide her with tons of laugh-out-loud moments to pass on to her audiences.

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