Latin Laughs 8

Sept 11

Latin Laughs 8



This event has passed. Check our calendar for upcoming shows.

We Major Presents:

Latin Laughs 8 w/Rich Rivera

Hosted by Anthony A.

Featuring Eric Bernal

Also Appearing:

Steena Salido
Gabriel Olivarez
Rose Verdugo
Lola Hernandez
Humberto Roman

Special guest: Jose Lopez

Comedian Rich Rivera

Originally from Brooklyn, NY Rich Rivera has been doing comedy for 8 years now. Rich lists comedians Richard Pryor, Chris Rock and Martin Lawrence as his favorites. "My goal is to one day own and run a comedy club", says Rich. Rich has done shows mostly in Cali, Texas, Vegas and AZ. He has opened for comedians Fred Lockhart, Sarah Tiana, and Jerry Garcia.