Latin Laughs II

Dec 15

Latin Laughs II



This event has passed. Check our calendar for upcoming shows.

We Major Presents: Latin Laughs 2 Feliz Navidad

Phoenix's finest latin comedians come together for an amazing comedy show right before "Navidad". These are some of the hottest comedians on the Arizona scene right now and will be sure to deliver nothing but laughs. Hosted by Reyes Mamas, headlined by Manny Hernandez and featuring Luis Alvarez. The show will also include comedians Steve Uriz, Celia Contreras, and Alice Vapley. Special guest Joshua Higuera from LA will also be making an appearance on this show.

Manny Hernandez

From Tempe, Arizona Manny Hernandez has been honing his comedy craft since the age of 18, he has been clawing his way to the top ever since.  Having his first T.V. appearance 3 years later on telemundo’s Loco comedy jam and Que Locos. He has worked in clubs all over the country. Manny uses his Latino upbringings to show were all the same. To see a Manny Hernandez performance is like a trip to the theater, for not only do you see one performer you see many as he brings many of his family and friends to life. Manny Hernandez has performed with many great stand up comics such as George Lopez, Paul Rodriguez and his Latin kings of comedy, Eddie Griffin, and Jamie Foxx. Manny can hold is own on any stage with any comic. 

Luis Alvarez

Luis Alvarez is known for starting with humble beginnings just as much as he is known for his unique sense of humor. A former dishwasher at a local Arizona comedy club, he got the bug after watching comics perform when the rush was over in his dish pit. He would soon take his humor from back of the house to the stages and has quickly gained recognition from audiences all over. Luis has worked with and opened up for some of comedy’s legends  His raw perspective on life’s daily distractions mixed with his unique sense of humor is either loved or hated but never forgotten.