Lights, Camera, Comedy!

July 11

Lights, Camera, Comedy!



This event has passed. Check our calendar for upcoming shows.

90 minutes of rapid-fire comedy!

17 comedians perform their best 5 minutes as they audition for GCM Media for potential roles in TV and film.

The comedy's coming fast and furious, it's gonna be a fun night!

On the lineup:

Patrick Aiken
Leigh Cummings
Nathan Daggett
Mike Dapper
Josh E'Stupo
Kerri Gallagher
Savannah Hernandez
Tre James
Country Boy Jones
Gene Moore
Sean Mullavey
Kat Schindler
Tara Shakespere
Eric Sobczak
Robert Stevens
Jackie Tinsley
Dana Whissen
Tyrone BigBaby Wright

GCM Media is a creative team with experience in writing, creating, art direction, production management, and marketing & promoting any and all video projects.

From writing the script, to pre-production and lining up all needed cast and crew, to shooting the project "anywhere in the world", GCM Media is ready.