Mentalist Peter Antoniou

March 30

Mentalist Peter Antoniou



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Americas Got Talent

Mentalist Peter Antoniou from America's Got Talent All Stars

From London's West End, to being a semi-finalist on America’s Got Talent, Peter Antoniou has been astounding audiences around the world with his uncanny abilities. His shows fuse stunning feats of mind-reading with storytelling, razor sharp wit, and improvisational comedy to create unique live entertainment experiences. Funny, engaging, and interactive, Peter will leave you questioning just what is really possible.

Aged nine, Peter decided he wanted superpowers. So, in a way only a child can, he set out to learn the impossible: how to read people’s minds. Twenty years later, he has studied with psychologists, hypnotists, psychics, magicians, and shamans to develop his uncanny and unique abilities.

Not confined to comedy, Peter also has written a number of immersive theatre experiences, focusing on horror and the supernatural. These innovative approaches to entertainment put the audiences in the centre of the performance, offering them the opportunity to feel as though they are in a horror film. His flagship experience, Séance , has sold out 100% of performances since its premier in 2013.


Ages 14+