Stoner Rob

March 3 - March 4

Stoner Rob



This event has passed. Check our calendar for upcoming shows.


From Riverside, CA, Stoner Rob got his start in 2008 on an inland empire radio station called KCAL 96.7. After working closely with this Radio Entertainment Company, Rob found himself interviewing and having a lot of one-on-one conversations with professional comedians as they came to promote their shows. It was then he knew he should try his foot in the comedic door and has never looked back since. About a week after, Stoner Rob had the privilege and honor of being on his first comedy show. This wasn't just any comedy show, this was the Ontario Improv and the dirty show. A show that sells out monthly. Now ever since that day, Stoner Rob has become one of the most recognizable, funniest, and electrifying comedians in today's stand-up circuit.

Working with some amazing names such as Tommy Chong, you can hear Stoner Rob on the Tommy Chong podcast, Stoner Rob currently tours in the U.S. in some of the most popular clubs in the country. Rob always brings energy and has a solid and loyal fanbase that continues to grow.

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