The Comedy Hangover

March 24

The Comedy Hangover



This event has passed. Check our calendar for upcoming shows.

We Major Presents: The Comedy Hangover

5 comedy buddies venture out on the town for a night of comedy and end up on the Stir Crazy Comedy Club stage! The next morning one is missing and no one but the audience knows how the night ended!


The Short & Long version of it all... Amir the Amiracle Orignally raised on the west side of Los Angeles, Amir is a resident comedian at the LA Comedy Club inside The Strat in Las Vegas & Host of DRUNKN' JOKES Comedy Tuesdays. His unique musical comedy style is like Dimitri Martin meets Chris Rock. He interacts with his audiences with familiar music, roasting serenades, and jokes about his Black & Lebanese family conflicts. He can be seen nightly in Vegas and his credits include TLC, Nickelodeon, & the new movie MICerz on Amazon Prime. He also was a regular opener for Craig Robinson. In 2021 Amiracle filmed his first special "Playful, China, & Chickens"! Amiracle says "My reason for doing comedy is I'm obsessed with becoming a funnier person. It's a muscle I love exercising more than my pecs..."

Lamar Mitchell J.R.

Lamar Mitchell J.R. has been doing comedy for the past 9 years starting in Phoenix, AZ. A stand-up comedian, host, actor, writer, and the creative mastermind behind the We Major Production. Armed with his quick wit, he effortlessly weaves hilarious tales about anything and everything. Lamar discovered early on that humor can be a powerful tonic, capable of lifting spirits and helping people navigate even the roughest patches. "Laughter and having the ability to smile," he notes, "can change the complexion of all things that aren't pretty in life." Lamar has opened for some big names in the business, including Lavell Crawford, Chris Redd, TMurph and is a feature on the main stage of the Chocolate Sundaes show at Laugh Factory HW.

Adam Dominguez

Charismatically chaotic, Adam's comedic skills have been described as versatile with his penchant for engaging storytelling and lovable relatability, thus garnering him praise from clubs and stages like the World Famous Comedy Store and the Las Vegas Strip. Dominguez's quick wit and charm earned him a fanbase that has made him one of the most memorable comedians working today. Adam's optimistic tales of ne'er-do-well & deviancy have been finely tempered over a decade of experience. True stories, left turns, inviting the crowd into Adam's cartoon life is all the norm for being in the audience for his performances. Fighting from being a Hispanic comedian to a comedian who happens to be Hispanic, Adam has found his voice being comfortably wrong, while being a fan of adventure and wonderment, which has garnered him the popularity and attention of being a "hot comic".

Originally from Texas, since Adam has moved to the lights of the Las Vegas skyline, he has been featured on Season 1 of Laugh After Dark: Live in Las Vegas on Amazon Prime, animated on OnlyFans' show "LMAOF: Las Vegas" on the OFTV network and headlining the Four Corners Comedy Festival to name a few!

Alex "KOOLAID" Ansel

Big, Silly and Sexy are the words that are often used to describe Alex Ansel . Adored by young and old alike, Alex has been on TV, streaming services and stages throughout the U.S. and Canada. Originally from San Antonio Texas, he moved to Las Vegas to live and tour with WWE Hall of Fame Wrestler Jake "The Snake" Roberts. Soon after , he had his own 1 man Comedy show on the Las Vegas Strip. On stage , his high energy and rapid delivery will leave the room in a frenzy and roaring with laughter. It's no wonder Alex was given the name KOOLAID in middle school, for putting smiles on faces. His Debut Comedy Special from Laugh After Dark, "Dagmar's Brother" will be releasing soon on all Digital Platforms

Jason Santiago

Jason is a NY native from the Bronx, and is now based out of Phoenix, AZ. Performing on stages from LA to NY, Jason has performed with some of the greats, such as Joey Medina (Original Latin King of Comedy), Adam Hunter, Julio Gonzalez, Nick Guerra, and Martin Moreno to just name a few. Jason has an anecdotal style of comedy, where he speaks about his children, life experiences, and everyday observations on life.