What a F’n Year!!

Dec 28

What a F’n Year!!



This event has passed. Check our calendar for upcoming shows.

We Major Presents: What a F'n Year!!

Spill'n the Tea of 2023

End of the year Comedy Review!

Over the past few years comedians have all done a roast of the year where all the trends, celebrity antics, politics, and bull%#+* of the year are put on blast. In our rendition of this we have some of the hottest up and coming comedians that will do a roast of the year through stand up comedy sets, some improv and of course a roast of 2023. Let's finish this year off with a bang!

Hosted by: Lamar Mitchell J.R.

2023 Stand Up:

Eric Sparks
Mason Spina
Rob Maebe
Lady Que That FunnyGirl
Jonathan Gerber
Dylan White


Improv by: School Yard Appendectomy

Roast of 2023:

Steve Sanderson
Marc Jessie
Leslie Barton
Chris Banks
RayBoi Mitchell
Matt Delgado